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We know that copyright is a concept and term that confuses most of us, but don’t worry, we have you covered. In today’s we have broken down the concept of copyright into basic points

Copyright is a right, which is available to people creating an original literary or dramatic or musical or artistic work. Cinematographic films including soundtrack and video films and recording on discs, tapes, perforated roll or other devices are covered by copyrights.

Copyrights gives protection for the expression of an idea and not the idea itself.

Copyright gives the creator of the…

Get to know about Muneemg and our ultimate driving force.

We know that you come to blogs to read and get a better insight of what we have to offer as an organisation to you, and this curiosity of yours has landed you here, we want you get a glimpse of who we are and what we are made up of.

Muneemg is a CA and advocate-assisted digital platform that provides clients with timely and accurate solutions to all Commercial, Legal, and financial issues (tax and Income Tax Returns (ITR) Filing platform for individuals, tax experts, SMEs, and GST, e-Invoicing…

Here are five reasons why you should start ITR Filing right now!

As the citizen of India its our undue responsibility to pay our taxes so as to contribute our bit to the development of the nations and all persons whose total income in the financial year is higher than the maximum slab not chargeable to tax, need to file their income tax returns. Filing ITR on time is beneficial in many ways while keeping you tax-compliant.

Here are the five benefits that you’ll enjoy if you file your ITR on time and without any disparities.

1. Filing ITR saves…

THE FIVE C’S OF EVENT MANAGEMENT: Five steps for the event of your dreams!

Often when we think about the events, we think about all the fun and gala that comes packed with it. However, we cannot overlook the stress of preparations, planning, management (be it guest list, budget, fund management) and all of this makes the essence of our celebration to go on a strike.

We often hire event planners/managers or even sometimes take the initiative but all in all it comes down to the five factors that make your thought into a successful event.

This brings us down…


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